Companies to make EMS bids Thursday night in Rotterdam

N.Y. – Presentations from two companies bidding to be the EMS provider in
Rotterdam will take place Thursday night.

bids are coming from the privately owned Rotterdam EMS and Mohawk Ambulance.

EMS is fighting hard to continue serving the area, after being with the town
for nearly 80 years.

Since neither company charges the town for service or
pays the town to provide any level of Emergency Medical Service, Mohawk and
REMS will each be making a case as to why they can provide the best quality
service in Rotterdam.

Town Supervisor Harry Buffardi said “Certainly were
going to evaluate the past were going to look towards the future were going to
see what their qualifications are and how they can support those

public will be allowed to address the board Wednesday December 11th before the
final vote.

battle between REMS and Mohawk Ambulance began in September when the town
announced that REMS may not be able to operate in the town if the 2014 budget

Supervisor Harry Buffardi originally said the move would be cost-saving to

residents have spoken out against town officials by writing letters and leaving
voicemails. In November, residents attended a board meeting in hopes of getting
answers from the town leaders and to have their voices heard. However, tempers
quickly rose as their leaders did not attend the meeting.

said back in November that the leaders did not attend the meeting because of
how hostile community members have become. He also said that the board needed
to make a fair decision on the bids.

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