Troy woman accused of scamming One Fund pleads not guilty

N.Y. – The Troy woman accused of pretending to be a victim of the Boston Marathon
Bombings in order to collect nearly half a million dollars is back in court

Audrea Gause, 26, has pleaded not guilty of using fake medical
records to claim $480,000 from the One Fund.

The records say she was treated at Boston Medical Center, as well
as Albany Med, for traumatic brain injury she suffered in the April 15th

She was arrested on July 19th and sent to Boston, where she was
first arraigned in early August. Her charges included larceny and
gross fraud charges, following a recent grand jury indictment.

The One Fund received a detailed and notarized claim from Gause, which included
several pages of alleged medical records. Based on the information in the claim
and the attached alleged medical records, Gause's claim was approved for
payment and the money was then sent to her in the end of June.

However, prosecutors say it was all a lie and that most of the money
she received was used to pay a contractor for a new house. An investigation
also revealed Gause was not in Boston during the Marathon Bombing nor was
she a patient in either hospital.

The Troy Police Department said that she used old hospital
documents from back when she had a leg injury.



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