School district asks for “call to action” regarding GEA

GREENBUSH, N.Y. – The East Greenbush Central School District is introducing a
“call to action” community effort due to cuts in education aid.

The school district is calling on Governor Cuomo to get rid of a
cost saving law that East Greenbush says has cost the district more than $16
million since 2010.

Gap Elimination Adjustment was first introduced across the state in 2010 as a
way to help close New York State's $10 billion budget deficit.

are made from each New York school district across the board and East Greenbush
says the $16 million it has lost since then has been devastating. 

superintendent Ralph Lyons says they would have to possibly raise property
taxes in order to keep up with the GEA and that isn't an option that sits well
with them.

“The economy in this area has declined so there is going to
be a tremendous burden on these taxpayers in the district if we don't recoup
some of this money,” explained Lyons.

members are asked to send the letters our in December and January because of
the state budget process.

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