Mechanicville remembers fallen soldier

the town of Mechanicville lost one of their home-grown Marines nearly one year
ago, it devastated the town.  But since then, people have come together
and sought ways to honor Lance Corporal Anthony Denier.

“I'm very proud of him,”
said Anthony's mother Mary Morgan.  “And I'm proud of what he stood for,
I'm proud of what he did, but I still want him home.”

Morgan says as the year anniversary of her son's death
nears, she's flooded with memories and emotions.

“He said this is my
town, and it truly is his town,” said Morgan.

Since his death, the town of Mechanicville has been
searching for ways to honor Denier, even naming one of their main streets after

“I'm proud of the city
and what they've done,” said Morgan.  “He took a little town and brought
them all together.”

Denier is also the reason Lance Corporal Erik Jacobsen
came to the memorial.

“I spent pretty much
every day with him for a very long time,” said Jacobsen.

Jacobsen and Denier were bunk
mates.  They shared many moments together.  “Probably some of
the best times of my life,” said Jacobsen.

But he was also right next to
Denier when he suffered a fatal shot.

“I was right there when
he passed away,” said Jacobsen.

To honor Denier, Jacobsen
memorialized him with a tattoo.  “I put it on my skin,” said
Jacobsen.  “My left calf has got his name, it's got the memories that I
have with him.”

He did that so he never
forgets the friendship they had and the sacrifice Denier made for his country.

“I walk with him every
day.  He's one of my anchors that holds me to the ground, keeps me going
forward and gets me up every morning, even when I don't want to,” said

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