Shoppers finish Thanksgiving dinner, hit up Brown Thursday deals

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — Capital Region shoppers hit up retailers Thursday to partake in some Brown Thursday shopping.

After eating an early Thanksgiving dinner with her family, Betty Rood of Stillwater was at Kmart in Clifton Park preparing for the next holiday, Christmas.

With Christmas music playing overhead and signs all around, it's easy to forget what day it is. But for Kmart it's nothing new. They've been opening on Thanksgiving Day for 20 years, and more retailers are following suit.

“5:45 to 1 and then later I work 9:45 until 6 am. Wow, so a split shift and that's a whole lot of hours? Yes, that is but I need the money. I go to college so I'm home right now for college, so I'll be getting the money for that,” said Kmart employee Amanda Zafonte.

Tanya Gervais, a supervisor at the Clifton Park Kmart, said it's just part of working in retail.

“It's normal and it's kind of fun. Actually, this is like a Kmart family, so I don't know what other stores are doing but here we make it fun,” she said.

Of the nearly 140 million people expected to shop this holiday weekend, experts say nearly a quarter will stop by the stores on Thanksgiving Day. While some online petitions have started up, urging retailers to stay closed, experts say it's hard for them to turn down the possibility of making more money especially when their competition is doing it.

Rood said it beats waiting until Black Friday.

“It's nice and quiet. I mean, there's no people shoving,” she said.

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