Messy weather continues to affect holiday commutes

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ALBANY, N.Y. — Cold, rainy, windy, and just plain ugly weather followed travelers trying to make it to their destinations in time for Thanksgiving.

Rain, sleet, and snow bore down on I-90 Wednesday, but many were pleasantly surprised as traffic moved along smoothly. But throughout the day, roads remained slick and messy and as the temperature dropped, snow set in for drivers to maneuver through.

The nasty conditions didn't stop Mackenzie Gustav and his family from hitting the road to see the rest of their family.

“Basically trying to get home to go eat turkey,” he explained.

It was a five hour drive for a turkey dinner and some family fun for Gustav, but getting there comes with its own set of challenges with Mother Nature serving up some messy weather.

“Been kind of crazy slushy rainy snow,” he said. “Some cars off the roads, more snow in Ohio.”


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