Weather affecting some holiday travel plans

ALBANY, N.Y. – Millions are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, but an ongoing winter storm has affected some travelers plans.

Wednesday is predicted to be the busiest travel day for the holiday weekend, and a storm is already having a big impact for some people heading out for the holiday. The storm started last week on the west coast and has since made its way east.

The National Weather Service sent out advisories early, and some travelers took the precaution seriously by leaving early to make sure they got to their final destinations on time.

The bad weather is moving through some of the busiest and most delay prone airports, and that's expected to have some ripple effects. Currently, more than six airline carriers, including the three biggest, have waived transfer fees for some customers. This is a result of a big storm that started last week on the west coast and has made its way to the area.

While some of Wednesday's travelers are heading to family, others are using this time as a chance to take a vacation. One family in the area is going to Disney World.

Around 3 million people are expected to fly this year, and delays were a problem for travelers at the Albany International Airport Wednesday.

The weather may impact drivers as well since rain is expected to fall all day Wednesday and some snow or ice will be present in some locations. AAA is estimating that 90 percent of Thanksgiving travelers will be driving to their holiday destinations this year.

Nearly 39 million people are expected to be on the roads between Wednesday and Sunday. This comes as gas prices are at their lowest levels for the Thanksgiving holiday since 2010.

The Albany-Rensselaer train station was also full of travelers on Wednesday. Those travelers were thankful there were no delays in their schedules due to weather.

AAA says most people are planning to leave for their trips Wednesday, and Sunday is expected to be the second busiest travel day this week as people return from their trips.

People are reminded that while everythign seems to be running smoothly, also double check train stations and airports before leaving home.

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