Equinox prepares for Thanksgiving, still in need of help

N.Y. – The Equinox is preparing for the annual Thanksgiving Day Community

On Thursday, the Equinox will hold its 44th annual dinner which is expected to
feed 10,000 Capital Region residents who are homeless or are in difficult

holiday meal couldn't happen without the help of volunteers like Marji

a great community dinner. All kinds of people come and eat,” said Knecthel, the
Volunteer Coordinator.

of the much needed volunteers is only 11-year-old and has been volunteering
since she was five.

“It just takes 80% heart, 20% talent,” said Jordan
White. “If I get bullied at school, I know that I'm actually doing a good
thing, so I don't need to worry about them.”


says this dinner is important because not everyone can get out of their homes and
some have no family. The annual Thanksgiving dinners are more like fun, social
“gatherings”, a way Equinox helps people feel less lonely or
forgotten about. 

Development Director for the Equinox, Christina Rajotte is heading up the
dinner. She says they still need help.

“We need about 150 more drivers,” said Rajotte.
“And if they wanna drive, the best way to reach us is email us at 'tvolunteer@equinoxinc.org'.
We're telling them to email is, because the phones will be inundated, and we're
afraid we won't get to their calls. By email, we certainly can be reached and
we want to make sure we provide them with that opportunity and also that we can
work with them to make this a good holiday.” 

Delivery takes place between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Thursday. Then the
sit-down dinner will be held at the First Presbyterian Church on State and
Willet Streets from 1 p.m.  to 4 p.m.

If you or someone you know needs a meal, you can contact the Equinox
at (518)-434-0131.

The leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal will be donated to area
food pantries.

The meal is funded through donations of cash, food, and services
by individuals or groups.


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