Rotterdam residents recall how REMS saved their lives

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – Rotterdam residents continue to
voice their support for Rotterdam Emergency Medical Services the town's EMS bidding process.

Residents are speaking out in hopes that REMS will win
the bid to be the permanent EMS provider starting next month. 

While some people may find the thought of riding in an
ambulance terrifying, those who have been picked up by REMS found the ride
comforting and life-saving.

Christina Alderice said REMS saved her life.

“My doctor had told me had it been even one more
minute, we both would not be here today,” she said.

Alderice went into labor 5 weeks early while she was
home and needed to get to the hospital. REMS picked up the call and made a
swift response.

“The paramedic was there within three minutes,”
she recalled. “And the ambulance was there within five.”

It wasn't until Alderice had safely given birth to her
daughter that her doctor told her how close she came to dying.

Similar stories to Alderice's are told throughout
Rotterdam. Signs have even placed in store-front windows praising REMS for
quick, quality service.

John Mazur said, “I'm a walking talking
miracle. I'm happy to be alive.”

Mazur had left the gym and stopped to get gas when he
didn't feel right, and his heart suddenly shut down.

“Rotterdam EMS was on that street,” he said.
“And was there to be able to do CPR on me within a minute.”

REMS attempted to revive Mazur on scene and during the
trip to the hospital, but Mazur was considered dead when they arrived.

“The guys at Rotterdam EMS actually did CPR on me
for over 40 minutes,” Mazur explained. 

Mazur's doctors told him it was that extra effort that
kept his heart active long enough for doctors to bring him back to life.

“It means life to me,” he said. “Because
if it wasn't for the fast enough response for the cardiac arrest, I probably
would have died.”

REMS still has the opportunity to be the primary
responder in Rotterdam. The company will give a presentation to the Town Board
to showcase why they are the safest and have the highest quality of service on
December 5. 

Mohawk Ambulance is currently responding to calls in
the Town of Rotterdam, but anyone in the town may request REMS as a response

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