Ski mountains get a head start on the season

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – Maple Ski Ridge in Schenectady opens for the season Friday night.

Kate Michener works at Maple Ski Ridge, and she said the weather has played a part in opening the ski season early.

“Nice cold temperatures and low humidity,” she said. “It made for perfect snow making conditions.”

Even though ski season usually begins the week of Christmas, Michener said one of the eight trails will be ready for skiers and snowboarders this weekend.

She said opening the remaining seven slopes will be dependent on the weather in the coming weeks.

“As soon as we can make snow, we will continue to do so,” she said. “It looks like next week there will be some good temperatures, so we'll start at that time.”

Also enjoying an early start to the season is the High Adventure Ski Shop in Latham.

“There's been frost up north and snowfall up north and with Facebook, there's lots of pictures of people skiing up there already,” worker Harry Oettinger said. “People are excited to go this weekend.”

Oettinger said when customers have come to the store to shop for skis and boots, they've been nothing short of excited to hit the slopes

“They're talking about how this is how it used to feel, when winter would come early and there would be skiing before Thanksgiving,” he said. “They're excited to get back to doing that.”

White Face Mountain also opens Friday, and Gore Mountain opens Saturday.

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