No criminal charges made in connection to Schalmont student’s death

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. – Police have declined to press criminal charges in connection to the suicide death of a freshman Schalmont high school student.

An investigation was conducted into the circumstances surrounding the suicide of a 14-year-old Schalmont boy to find if bullying played a role in the boy's death. The investigation started due to comments on social media claiming the boy was bullied. However, police say the school tells them the boy never complained to them about bullying.

The teenager was Jack Gannon-Zebrowski, who is remembered as a bright, creative 14-year-old who just started high school this fall.  The teen's parents say it was only after his death that they discovered Jack had been bullied.

They say they found evidence of the bullying on
social media and turned that information over to police.

But authorities have now concluded the investigation, saying no criminal charges will follow.

“We found no evidence linking the suicide to any inappropriate behavior that he may or may not have been subjected to at the school,” explained Rotterdam Police Lieutenant Michael Brown.

The Schalmont Central School District also
looked into the matter, the Superintendent Carol Pallas says as part of that
they interviewed all the students believed to be involved, some twice. Still,
Pallas says they weren't able to find conclusive evidence of bullying

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