Woman used and tampered with child’s medication, blaming it on ex-husband

Vt., – A Bennington County mother is accused of tampering with her own son's
medication, and then trying to pin the alleged crime on her ex-husband and his
new wife.

Police say Kristy Prouty called them in August, claiming someone had tampered with
her 6-year-old's medication.

Vermont State Police say the alleged crimes Kristy Prouty was
charged with this week began as a custody dispute.

August, Prouty told police she believed her 6-year-old son's prescription of Vyvanse,
a stimulant to treat Attention Deficit Disorder had been tampered with.

According to police, Prouty said she suspected her ex's new wife.

“The pills were turned over to the Vermont State Police crime lab.”

Then, in October, Police received another call, this time from Prouty's
son's school.

school nurse had found that 6 pills were missing from the boy's bottle of Vyvanse
and that the remaining pills appeared to have been tampered with.

say it was discovered the pills may have been tampered with after the child
already received the medication. The nurse said Prouty had dropped off the
bottle herself at the school.

Police say the lab found the pills had in-fact been tampered with, some had
been replaced with powdered sugar and Prozac.

Interviews with pharmacists, witnesses and Prouty herself, led to
the mother's arrest.  The woman is now
accused of taking the Vyvanse, a powerful stimulant, herself.

say Prouty then attempted to cover up her own personal use of her son's
prescription, by accusing her ex-husband and his new wife of drug tampering.

is facing several charges including Cruelty to a Child and Giving False Information
to Police.

boy was checked out by a doctor and seems to be doing okay, according to

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