Union officials present proposal to GE in effort to save Fort Edward plant

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. — New details could emerge Thursday on the negotiations between GE and the union representing workers at its Fort Edward plant.

The union officials say they have made an offer to GE in an effort to save 200 jobs that would move to Clearwater, Florida if GE follows through with a plan to move the plant.

With those jobs on the line, the union developed a proposal that they say would cut labor costs through a $25 million investment in new equipment and technology.

A deadline for negotiations is this Sunday, November 17.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand have sent a letter to GE asking for a 30-day extension to talks.

The union says the governor's office has been “missing in action” on the issue, but the governors office denies that and tells NEWS10 ABC they've met with the union.

But Gates says that is simply not true.

“I've never met with anyone from the governor's office. I don't know who they're meeting with. Maybe they're meeting with the company and they forgot to tell us,” he says.


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