Homeless woman’s art collection raises funds for food bank

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — An art collection sold at auction on Friday was expected to
raise thousands of dollars for a good cause, but the story behind the
collection and its homeless collector is as compelling as the art.

Jamie Mcbride wasn't just a customer at the spa fine arts gallery, she quickly became a friend to gallery Manager Allyson Stryker, coming in almost daily.

Stryker quickly learned Mcbride was homeless, battling the streets for years. But over time, the store employees learned of her passion for art.

“She would come in her daily look around take her time,” says Stryker. “She was always looking for something that reminded her of a friend or family member.”

Over time, Mcbride collected a few different art pieces that the art gallery stored for her since she had no place of her own to keep them.

But when McBride died tragically last June after a car hit her, the gallery was left with her collection of art. It was then decided that the artwork would go towards helping the very organizations that helped her survive while she was homeless.

On Friday, one oil painting painting worth $2,000 was auctioned off for $1000.

All of the money from the auction will help the Regional Food Bank distribute much needed
food to local groups that help feed the hungry. They expect to raise at least $100,000 after all of the artwork is auctioned.

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