Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: November 8th

1. Philadelphia voters elect a Whig to public office: Voters in Philadelphia have elected a Whig to public office for what the victor believes may be the first time in nearly 160 years.


2. Calif. thief gets away with 140,000 pounds of nuts: Authorities in California are trying to crack the case of a nut thief who made off with 140,000 pounds of walnuts.


3. Investment strategies for volatile markets: Most investors are aware that the market undergoes times of strong trends and times of lateral ranging.


4. Despite major progress, some childhood cancers are still killers: Recent decades have seen huge strides in treating childhood cancer, but certain types of tumors remain difficult to treat and are often deadly.


5. Is texting helping or hurting your relationship? Texting your boyfriend to say you're running late is one thing. Trying to win an argument via text is quite another, suggests a new study that finds how young couples use text messaging may affect the quality of their relationships.



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