Brown School students honor vets in ceremony

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – A ceremony was held at Brown School in Schenectady on Friday honoring local veterans and families of those currently serving in the armed forces.

The ceremony paid special tribute to John and Karen McKenna whose son, Captain
John McKenna IV, was killed in the line of duty in Iraq.

Students at Brown School unveiled a structure built by third through fifth graders, coined “Canstruction,” of an American flag they built using tuna fish cans and soup cans.

The school collected the
food from families and will donate the cans to area food banks and facilities for
veterans following the event.

“At Brown School we strongly
recognize those who serve and protect our freedom,” said
Head of School Patti
Vitale. “This year we found a unique project for our students, which provides another
opportunity for us to teach them about the importance of Veteran's Day. We also feel honored
that the McKenna's and other veterans and family members will join us for
our ceremony.”

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