Schenectady middle school students accused of playing ‘game’ of groping

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – An inappropriate “game” is being played at schools in
Schenectady, according to students there, and now the district is taking action.

At the last school board meeting, a former female student at
the Mont Pleasant Middle School spoke out describing four incidents in
which she says she was groped by boys. The student said it was part of a larger
game being played at Van Corlaer Elementary School and Mont Pleasant Middle School.

Schenectady School District Superintendent Laurence Spring says the two schools have investigated each complaint, determining a small group of boys were responsible for a “game” of inappropriately groping females in school.

Superintendent Spring
says he was made aware of the incidents a few weeks ago and has identified those involved, and the schools have taken
disciplinary action when needed.

“Suspension or in-school suspension, as well as some
counseling,” Spring said. He says “an adult will be talking through with them why
these are inappropriate decisions, and why this can't be tolerated in a school.
Why this is harmful or hurtful to somebody.”

The Superintendent says it is part of a larger effort by the
district to change the culture at Schenectady schools, and that it's a small
process but one that is working.

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