Capital Region residents set goals to shed light on Ukrainian Holodomor

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ALBANY, N.Y.  – A commemoration
of the Ukraine Holodomor was held at the Empire State Plaza on Saturday to bring awareness to the little known genocide.

In 1933, millions of people died in a forced famine in
Ukraine.  The genocide by famine, also
known as a Holodomor, was unknown to other countries until the collapse of the Soviet

.On Saturday, members of the Capital Region came together
with local lawmakers to bring awareness to the event. Those trying to make the
Holodomor known in the area have cited that Pope Francis has called the event
one of “the three biggest genocides of the last century, the Armenians, Jews
and Ukrainians.”

Dr. Andrij Baran, a cardiologist from Saratoga who also teaches
history at the Capital District School of Ukrainian Studies, stated the goal is
to commemorate and educate.

The solemn commemoration was help at the Empire State Plaza
at noon on Saturday and a requiem service was then held at the Cathedral of the
Immaculate Conception.

Earlier this week, a documentary of the Holodomor was held
at the William K. Sanford Town Library. They are also working on making the historical
event part of New York State curriculum. 

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