Albany International passengers react to LAX shootings

ALBANY, N.Y. — The arrival and departure boards at Albany
International Airport blinked with cancellations Friday, but the airport says
most of these flights were impacted due to weather rather than the shooting at

Passenger Emmanuel Maille says, sadly, he isn't surprised to
hear about what happened.

“Every week something else happens. There are
shootings with small children or military coming home or people with psychological
problems,” he said.

The exact motive for the shooting at LAX is still under
investigation, but we asked flyers if this highlights even more of a
need for tighter security at our nation's airports.

“It doesn't matter how many laws are passed or what the
government says, people will do still do things and you can't stop it,”
said Maille.

Passenger Robert Penna agrees saying, “This guy sounds
like a nut and not a terrorist.  A nut can be anywhere. They can be
at Stewarts, at 711. This one decided to make his statement at the

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple says they aren't
necessarily increasing the amount of deputies at the airport, but instead have
more staff out and visible for flyers.

“There is a lot that goes on in that airport and a lot
of our officers working at one time,” said Apple. “We want the public
to see them as they arrive and hopefully give them peace of mind.”

However, for many passengers we spoke with, they don't need
that peace of mind.  Instead, saying these types of incidents are
realities in our world today.

“I still feel safe and love flying and would do it
every day if I could,” said Maille.

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