Green County holds casino forum days before amendment vote

GREENE COUNTY, N.Y. — With less than a week to go before New York voters decide whether to approve a casino proposition, residents of Greene County met Friday to discuss whether they are interested in building a casino.

The amendment, known as Proposal Number One, would authorize up to seven casinos in the state. If voters approve the amendment next Tuesday, Greene County would be eligible for a casino.

At Friday's Greene County Casino Gaming Forum, all in attendance seemed interested in finding out just where Greene County stands on gaming.

“Basically we're answering the question of ‘does Greene County want a casino if the bill passes on Tuesday,'” said Greene County legislator, Vincent Seeley.

But during the forum, quite a few of those in attendance were torn between the need for jobs and the need for open spaces. Most people wanted more specific information on how a casino would impact the area. 

“Greene County, even though it's not one of the biggest counties, it's very geographically different.  We have the mountains, we have ski resorts, we also have the valley, other spots right off of the freeway that provide a lot if easy access for folks coming up from the city,” said Seeley.

Questions asked tonight that went unanswered will be addressed by Tuesday on the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County Facebook page. You can check out that page here.


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