Local school discusses long term implementation of common core

ALBANY, N.Y. — The common core is at the forefront of every school district's mind, and that includes parents and teachers — but one local school has been implementing it for years.

One of the main goals of the common core, by definition, is to make students more college and career ready. At the BOCES Career and Technical School in Albany, that concept has been the main goal for years.

As districts around the Capital
Region take the new common core standards and implement them into their
classrooms, there is one school which has been doing so for years.

While students learn what you
might expect, baking, cake decorating and food production, they are also
required to take core subjects, including integrated English, with the common
core built right in.

“I've gone through this
lesson and I've aligned every one of the standards to the lesson that I'm
teaching,” says teacher Wendy Cotter.

Cotter says one of her
assignments for culinary students in English is to build a resume, a practical
application of skills that align to the common core but also prepare them for
careers and college.

“I really don't see too much
difference between the common core standards and the standards that we had
before, but the only difference is these are more definitive,” says

“The common core provides an
opportunity for students to practice and learn skills in technical writing and
in technical reading, something which is so appropriate for the
workforce,” says Swett.

Swett, the Director of Career and Technical Education, says
the same goes for math.

students are preparing for careers or higher education in electrical trades,
but their integrated math class still must adhere to
the common core,” says Swett.

Swett says while
the phrase common core wasn't heard around the classrooms until the past year,
the definition of helping students become more college and career ready has
always been the basis for all of their programs.

“The change from the existing curriculum to the new
curriculum won't be a big jump or a big scary thing,” she says.


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