Corner in Albany to be “renamed” after a United States Air Force 4-Star General

ALBANY, N.Y. – A corner of Central Avenue and Quail Street
will be “renamed” after a United States Air Force 4-Star General.

Mayor Jennings will “rename” the corner on Friday as “General
John W. Pauly Way” after the Albany native and U.S. Air Force 4-Star General,
John W. Pauly.

General Pauly was born in 1923 in Albany, attended Christian
Brothers Academy and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute before entering the U.S.
Military Academy at West Point. He received commission as a second lieutenant,
a Bachelor of Science degree, and his pilot wings by 1945.

General Pauly went on to serve during World War II, the
Korean War, the Vietnam War and held several commanding ranks before being
appointed the commander and chief of USAFE and AAFACE in 1978.

The location was chosen by General Pauly's family because
their ancestors were the original owners of Pauly's Hotel, a well-known
landmark in Albany.

On October 17, State Street was “renamed” after Jack's Oyster House.

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