31 dogs seized from residence in North Adams

NORTH ADAMS, N.Y. — Animal officials in Berkshire County are trying to find homes for more than 31 Labrador retrievers seized from a North Adams home.

Officials say it was not a hoarding or puppy mill situation, just a breeder who got in a little over his head.

Nine of the labs, ranging from 6 months to fully grown, are at the Berkshire Humane Society where employees are working on getting them adopted out.

“When we took them in they were muddy, but aside from that they were great,” said Berkshire Humane Society Director, Cheryl Truskowski. 

She says adopting them out shouldn't be a problem because the Humane Society has a list of hundreds of applicants religiously searching for dogs.

“Our program is called Meet Your Match and that is what we do.  We try matching up dogs with people with appropriate lifestyles and environments for the dogs.”

And these 31 dogs, says Truskowski, would probably be best going to homes with other dogs already present.

“Obviously since they lived with multiple dogs, they probably shouldn't live in a single dog household.”

No word, at this point, if the breeder will face any criminal charges.  The rest of the dogs are being housed at other Pittsfield locations, including the Eleanor Sonsini Animal Shelter.

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