Sheriff: Woman charged more than $67,000 to company credit card

WARRENSBURG, N.Y. – The Warren County Sheriff's Office says they arrested a woman who misused her company's credit card.

According to authorities, they began to investigate the misuse of credit cards by an employee of North East Underlayments on September 6.

The employee was identified as 42-year-old Lisa Shaw Persons, who was employed as a clerk at the business.  Authorities say Persons was given a credit card from the company only to be used in times when she needed to make business related transactions.

It was determined that while employed, Persons used the credit card to purchase groceries, insurance, gifts, clothes and other personal items.  The Sheriff's Office says she also attempted to eliminate or alter the business records.  More than $67,000 in fraudulent charges has been attributed to Persons.

No one is sure when the misuse of the credit card began and authorities will have 12 years of backtracking to do in order to find when the alleged thieving began.

Persons was described as a “beloved employee.” 

a lot of cases in these family owners businesses, people become like family
members to the folks that run the business,” said Lieutenant Steve Stockdale, “and they trust them explicitly and
without that supervision and oversight, it leads to stuff like this

Persons was charged with one count of Grand Larceny in the 2nd Degree on Tuesday.  She was arraigned on Wednesday in Warrensburg Town Court and posted $5,000 cash bail.

She will be back in court on October 30. 

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