Man accused of baiting and trapping neighbor’s cats

COBLESKILL, N.Y. – After a New York State police investigation, 65-year-old Donald Brown of Cobleskill is accused of baiting and trapping four cats, leading to the deaths of the cats. 

Brown told NEWS10 ABC he thought the cats were feral. However, his neighbor and owner of the cats tells a different story, saying the animals were domesticated.

Pat Boomhower says two of the cats had just had kittens.

“My heart went through my throat, my soul just went out of me,” says Boomhower.

Boomhower says her cats had gone missing for a few days and were known to sometimes wander the acres of land surrounding their home.

The Boomhowers share a property line with Brown.

Brown, who did not want to go on camera, says that he set legal traps on the roof of his camper with the intent of catching feral cats which were causing damage to his property.

“We put the collars on so if they did wander off and somebody found them, they would try to come and find us,” says Boomhower.

Brown has been charged with four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and was arraigned in Cobleskill town court.

The Boomhowers says they are deeply upset that he allegedly set the traps in the first place.

“If nothing happens, then he's just going to think he can do whatever he wants,” says Larry Boomhower.

“I am very upset with him, my heart has just sunk and it won't be happy until I know that these cats can go through heaven's gates when he is convicted,” adds Pat Boomhower.

Donald Brown tells News10 he never had any intent of killing domesticated cats and pled not guilty as a result.

Brown will re-appear in court during the beginning of November.

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