WWII vets took Honor Flight to Washington D.C. Memorial days after the shutdown ended

ALBANY, N.Y. –  A group of WWII veterans flew down to
Washington DC this morning to visit the World War II Memorial for the day on Saturday. This
is days after the partial government shutdown ended,  which would have closed the World War II

However, the vets didn't
have to worry about that and they all got to fly down at no cost which is
part of the Honor Flight program.

event happened at the Albany International Airport where 31 World War II
veterans were honored with a big send off as they were headed down
to Washington DC to visit the WWII memorial for the first time.

was a homecoming they say they never got.

veteran told NEWS10 ABC “To tell you the truth, I'm choked up, I'm, I can't

music played as veterans came through airport doors with people cheering and
clapping, holding up flags and signs, thanking the veterans for
their service.

been wanting to go for a long time and this is my first opportunity of going.”

veterans, many of them in their late 80s through late 90s, and their family
members are making the trip to DC just days after the government shut down
ended, which would have closed all the memorials, including the World War II

considered bringing a battering ram, but I'm glad I didn't have to,”
stated one vet.

Furlong is leading the trip and it's because of his organization, the
Leatherstocking Honor Flight, which allows all the veterans to make the trip
free of charge.

are going down there today with a tremendous amount of history- guys who were
at Iwo Jima, Battle of the Buldge, Normandy, the whole nine yards. These guys
are the real deal,” said Furlong.

is a day trip for the veterans. So, they will be getting back to the Capital Region
Saturday night, hopefully with a lot of memories and pictures. 

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