Union members rally together to save 200 GE jobs in Fort Edward

FORT EDWARD, N.Y. – Members of union Local 332 were joined by a number of supporters on Friday at the General Electric plant in Fort Edward to rally after it was announced last month the plant may relocate to Florida.

Those who protested are part of Local 332 and other unions, coming to support the GE plant's employees who may lose their jobs.   Even people from from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were in Fort Edward, holding up signs and chanting while a number of people were honking as they drove by.

There are 200 workers that stand to lose their jobs. It was on September 18th that GE announced they would close the Fort Edward plant and move production to Florida because it is just not profitable for them to keep the plant open.

That is when this union had 60 days to try and bargain with GE to save the jobs. Thirty of those days are now over and so far, no agreement has been made.

However, both sides tell NEWS10 ABC it's not because of a lack of trying.

Scott Gates, a member of Local 332 said “We have not gotten anyplace. We have asked for a lot of information but they have been slow giving it to us so we figured we would have a rally because things are not going as good as we would expect.”

NEWS10 ABC did speak to GE as well and they stated that in the 30 or so days they have been talking with the unions, they have provided them with tons of information, but the union has not come to GE with any proposal.

If no proposal is made there can be no bargaining and the plant will close next September.


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