Student that intervened in UAlbany abduction attempt comes forward

ALBANY, N.Y. — Authorities confirm it was a fellow UAlbany student that came to one woman's rescue after a 54-year old Albany man attempted to abduct her at knifepoint.

That man's name is Joseph Jackson, and today he came forward to share his story.

“It just never crossed my mind that someone would attempt like that,” he said.

A sophomore and chemistry major at UAlbany, Jackson says he was on his way to class last Friday, waiting at the bus stop when he noticed 54-year old Anthony Collins.

“They came up walking right across here and the girl turned to me like the side of her head and she looked scared. And I was just like whatever and then I looked over and he had a knife to her back,” he said.

“I just called out to them I was just like calling out to her are you okay. What's going on? They turned around and she started to walk toward me and I just kept my eyes focused on him. I didn't want to aggravate him,” he said. “We were lucky the bus pulled right in front of us, so I just got her out as quickly as I could. And I was just like, ‘Are you okay?' She was like ‘I was scared' but I just wanted to get her out of there.”

Court papers reveal Collins lives right across the street from that bus stop.

“Wow, that's a little scary to think about because it just makes me wonder how long he's been thinking about this stuff,” Jackson said.

Police say about 35 minutes after Collins' run it with Jackson and that victim, the 54-year old tried to abduct another UAlbany student — this time without a knife. Fortunately, that woman also managed to get away.

Jackson admits he never alerted police, rather an RA, saying the situation just seemed surreal. It's a decision he says he regrets, but given his brave actions, several students I spoke with say they feel safer.

Collins remains remanded without bail. State police are now investigating whether or not he could have possibly been involved in two other long unsolved missing persons cases.

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