CSX requests Fonda railroad crossing to be closed to pedestrians

FONDA, N.Y. – CSX Transportation INC., has served the Mayor
of Fonda a “Notice of Appeal” regarding a railroad crossing closure.

Mayor Peeler received the appeal on Thursday to have the Center
Street railroad crossing in the village be closed to pedestrian traffic.

CSX says this is not the first time the company has
requested the crossing to be closed but the Department of Transportation has previously
denied the request. 

The crossing is used by residents and visitors in the southern
part of the Village of Fonda to enter Main Street businesses.  The company says most of those who use the
crossing are senior citizens and other residents who require assistance walking
or a wheelchair.

Mayor Peeler says he is seeking Village Attorney, Michael
Albanese, Esq. so the Village can be heard during this process.  He also stated “The cost to our community may
not be overstated; the Village is with little resources and needs these routes
to remain open for economical purposes and much more importantly, the safety of
our residents and visitors.”

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