Community organizations come together to beautify Albany’s South End

ALBANY, N.Y. – A beautification project in Albany's South End on Friday was brought to life by two local organizations that believe every corner of the community deserves to be beautiful.

Neenah Bland, a member of the Albany Community Action Partnership says “We wanna make it nice for the neighborhood, kinda remove some of the negativity of the area so we decided to do this little park.”

The organization is just one in the area that is spearheading the project to make the Lexington neighborhood more beautiful.

“Being a member of this community, we need to have projects like this. We need to have beautiful places for scenery and just to make the neighborhoods seem inviting.”

Program Director Blake Kush told NEWS10 ABC “This wouldn't happen in any other wealthy neighborhoods, so the question is why not?” after being asked why the project is so important.

Kush says Friday's green space project may seem like a small step in beautifying an entire community, but that's exactly what it takes one small step at a time.

“It's like the broken window theory. You have all these rundown homes, more homes become rundown, community members aren't as invested in it, but once you start to clean it up and you add a flower box here and there, it's contagious,” continued Kush, “Next thing you know one person's picking up trash and so forth and you have a nicer looking community.”

The organizations putting on this project, the Lexington Neighborhood Workgroup and the Albany Community Action Partnership, own several properties in the south end area and plan to eventually beautify each of them one by one. 

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