East Greenbush CSD to keep all five buildings open

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. – The East Greenbush Central School
District Superintendent and Board of Education met on Wednesday night to decide
to keep all schools open.

This was the final meeting which was part of the 2012 School
Closure and Consolidation study to determine if the district's 5 elementary
school buildings should close.

The Board considered public comments and listened to a
Community Focus group to come to the final decision. 

The East Greenbush CSD Superintendent Dr. Angela Nagle
stated “I
would like to thank the Board of Education, the Community Focus group,
teachers, parents and the community at large for an honest dialogue throughout
the School Closure and Consolidation Study process…With the determination to
not close any of the Districts' five elementary schools, the Board of Education
and administrators are ready to look at alternative cost-savings measures as we
develop the 2014-15 budget.”

The board also decided to open The Center for Therapeutic
Academic Excellence Program in September 2014. 

The CSD expects to save $358,255 while creating more local
jobs and allowing students to be in their home school district.

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