Stealing from the blind; One local park says bird sculpture was taken off a trail for visually impaired

SCHUYLERVILLE, NY — The sculptor of the Baltimore oriole that used to be perched on a tree

Along the sensory trail calls it stealing from the blind. Through a 1400 ft long trail used to be a total of 8 bird sculptures that are designed to be textural clues for those visually impaired. Darryl Dumas the groundskeeper at Hudson Crossing said, “We had it bolted into the tree.”

On Sunday Dumas noticed that the oriole disappeared from its spot. “Didn't fly away,” he said jokingly.

Now he's putting out a call for the $500 bird sculpture's safe return.  “Someone took something that many people took time to put there for the community in general,” said John Robinson.

Robinson was born a congenital amputee. From birth he had no arms, his legs are attached to his hip. He is one of the many people who have enjoyed the sensory trail. “My first thought when I heard about this is it is similar to when someone parks in a handicap space,” Robinson said.

“Could have been people saying ‘oh this is nice I want it, and didn't understand the ramifications,” said Bill Sprengnether, the landscape architect for the trail.

This week Dumas has gone around the park making it harder to unscrew the bolts on the seven remaining sculptures. “We have a lot of people using the trail, I am hoping there are eyes out there for this,” Dumas added.

He says if you have any information on where the sculpture maybe please contact the park at 371-2011 or the Saratoga County sheriff's office. He is also asking if you know where the sculpture is to please return it to the trail they have a “no questions asked policy”.


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