Victims of crash ask judge to increase Drue’s sentence

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. – December 6th is when Dennis Drue will be sentenced in Saratoga County Court in front of Judge Jerry Scarano. But, many are not happy about how much time he will likely be serving and they're letting the judge know their feelings with an online petition.

The online petition was started by Melissa Elliott of Clifton Park on asking for the judge to impose a longer and tougher sentence for Dennis Drue.

Drue pleaded guilty last Friday to 58 felony counts in connection to the death of two Shenendehowa students, Chris Stewart and Deanna Rivers, and seriously injuring two others, Bailey Wind and Matthew Hardy, in a deadly car crash on the Northway in December 2012. He also admitted in court that he was drunk, speeding, texting and on drugs the night of the crash.

The case was supposed to go to trial and District Attorney
Jim Murphy says he was somewhat shocked when his office heard Drue was going to
plead guilty.

As part of the guilty plea, he currently faces five to 15 years in prison; a sentence which many people are not satisfied with.

“We are not satisfied with that. We intend fully to ask
the judge at the time of sentencing, along with the family members, that we want
more time,” Murphy said.

It's not only the prosecutors and family
members, it's also the community expressing their feelings.

The online petition is urging people to write letters and emails to Judge Scarano to voice their concerns. In the petition, the creator states that five to 15 years is too short of a sentence for the lives of two thriving teenagers.

The victims themselves are also encouraging people to sign. Bailey Wind has tweeted asking people to sign the petition, and a Facebook page memorializing Chris Stewart also links to the petition asking for signatures.

So far, over 1,400 people have signed the petition.

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