RPI unveils new super computer

TROY, N.Y. – Thursday was an exciting day in Troy as RPI
unveiled one of its brand new IBM super computers. 

The addition of this super computer, according to RPIs
president, is part of its broad plan looking towards 2024.

One of the most powerful computers in the world now calls
RPI its home.  The school unveiled the
Advanced Multi Processing Optimized System or AMOS for short, on Thursday.  This IBM supercomputer will be housed at the
Rensselaer Technology Park in North Greenbush. 

RPI president Shirley Ann Jackson says this computer will
allow the school to partner with more businesses to boost companies
productivity.  AMOS will be partnered
with WATSON, another supercomputer RPI debuted months ago, making RPI one of
the strongest research institutes in the nation.

“The real message here is that we have raw data that
will help with computing and make a difference globally in how we make
decisions and discoveries,” Jackson says.

The computer makes more than one quadrillion calculations
per second – again one of the strongest in the world.


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