Pet limit for Green Island was in place prior to proposal in August

GREEN ISLAND, N.Y. – In August, the Green Island Village
Board met to consider a law limiting the number of pets allowed in a household,
but that law was already in place prior to the meeting.

The proposed amendment to local law suggested limiting the number of dogs and/or cats in one place of residence to a total of

After word spread that the law could go into
the books, a number of village residents went to a public meeting, strongly
opposing the idea.  The village board ultimately decided to postpone any decision.

While the final decision on the law was
postponed, the village board did some research. 
In a newsletter sent out in September, Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan says
they found a law within Green Island's zoning laws which states that any more than a
total of four cats or dogs in a single property must be in a kennel.  However, kennels are not allowed in Green
Island except in certain areas or if a special use permit is obtained by the
Planning Board.

Mayor McNulty-Ryan told NEWS10 ABC back in August that the limit
was sparked by an issue with one animal owner. In regards to that incident she
said, “We had complaints about dog feces in one area. Police were then
called to a house for a separate issue but found ten dogs in the apartment at
the time.”

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