More Capital Region soldiers prepare for deployment

COLONIE, N.Y. – Ninety members of the 42nd Combat Aviation Brigade leave for the final round of their training in Fort Hood, Texas Friday.

The soldiers are headed to Fort Hood to continue their training before deploying to Kuwait in December to provide aviation support for U.S. military forces. They are the second wave of soldiers from this unit to deploy.

Around 60 soldiers left for training from the Latham headquarters September 25.

The current government shutdown is not affecting active military, but it does have an effect on some National Guard troops.

Units scheduled for annual training during the shutdown will not begin training unless they are doing so in preparation for deployment, and units currently at annual training will continue training until completion and will return to their home station under their annual training orders.

The shutdown has also forced thousands of technicians to
take mandatory unpaid leaves of absence, including workers at the base in

The 42nd combat aviation brigade is a component of the Troy-based 42nd Infantry Division and is responsible for units in 11 states.

The soldiers will be leaving from the Million Air Terminal on a chartered flight at Albany International Airport at 11 a.m.

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