Troy becomes second city in NY to use crime mapping software

TROY, N.Y. – In an effort to keep residents informed about recent crimes and potential
patterns in their neighborhoods, the City of Troy has launched crime mapping
software which is readily available to public use.

With the exception of crimes related to domestic incidents and sexual assaults,
all reported crime in Troy will be mapped with a built-in 72-hour posting
delay. The delay is designed to give investigators a “first look” at
an incident before reaches the public.

Once mapped, the information remains
embedded in the mapping, subject to numerous choices the user can make; eg.
date range, type of crime, etc. The system posts icons at the exact locations
of crimes, allowing users to see where possible clusters of crime are occurring
in their immediate area and citywide. 

“This is another tools for the PD to add to its
toolbox. Our officers can see exactly which locations and areas are experience
high crime volume, and step up patrols there. It's more efficient that the old
way of doing things, with hard copy maps and a system that a month to update.
This new system posts crimes no more than 72 hours after they happen,”
says Troy Police Captain John Cooney.

Troy is now the second community in the state to
utilize this specific software. To access the crime mapping website, go to

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