Medical Examiner: Bones found in home are not human

EAST GREENBUSH, N.Y. – Police believed remains discovered inside a Rensselaer County home were the key in a 75-year-old missing persons case. However the medical examiner confired Thursday the bones are not human.

East Greenbush investigators were wrapping up thier evidence gathering Thursday morning after a forensic anthropologist who examined the bones determined that they are from some kind of an animal.

Police say the bones were found during a remodeling project at the home on Michael Road. They were found in a crawl space along with a woman's shoe, which led authorities to believe it was the remains of woman who went missing from the home 75-years ago.

A former owner of the home had abruptly fled back to his native Germany in 1938, the year his wife disappeared. 

All these factors had police thinking they may have a lead in the 75-year-old missing persons case.

But now, the mystery as to what happened to the woman still continues.

Sergeant Brieg tells NEWS10 ABC the FBI had a file on the German national around the time he returned to Germany.

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