Grady Baby News: The Ever-Shrinking Wardrobe

It is no surprise. With pregnancy comes body changes many times for both soon-to-be mom and dad. Nothing against dads, but today I'm focusing solely on moms and the many bodily changes that go hand-in-hand with carrying a child.

You may not notice them at first. I certainly didn't, but as the weeks and months went by, slowly but surely the changes started to come until all of a sudden one day I woke up, looked down and said, “Hey! Where are my feet?!”

I was fortunate enough to not have to dip into the maternity clothes pool until about five and a half to six months in. Although, I did have to break out the Bella Band earlier than that. If you don't know what a Bella Band is and you are expecting, you are missing out. This genius, multi-million dollar invention is simply a tube top for your waist that helps keeps your pants closed and up when you can no longer button or zip them. It is the step I took before succumbing to full fledged maternity clothes.

When it finally got to the point where I needed to just take the leap and say goodbye to all my regular pants, shorts and skirts, I headed to the department store in search for what were soon-to-be my only options if I didn't want to leave the house bottomless.

As much as I was dreading having to buy a completely new wardrobe that's only going to last me a few months, I also began counting my blessings that us ladies nowadays have much better options than our mothers did. Before Destination Maternity and Pea in the Pod, our moms' options were what I can only describe as “Big Bertha” dresses — you know, the puppet-like figure at carnival game booths that you tried to throw balls into to win prizes. So as much as I loathed shopping for maternity clothes, I knew it could be worse… a lot worse.

During my first shopping trip, much to my surprise, I found some really cute stuff, clothes that I actually wished weren't maternity so I could wear them after the fact. One thing about maternity clothes, they are expensive. It is a simple example of inflated prices due to supply and demand. There's no H&M of the maternity world. One thing I did know was that I did not want to spend thousands of dollars on clothes I would only wear for a few months. However, in my profession, wardrobe plays a huge role. Believe me, if I had it my way, I would live in yoga pants and comfy t-shirts 24/7. I don't think my bosses would appreciate it though if that was my everyday attire on air (they'd only be mad because they'd be jealous, just kidding!)

In this business you become very good at mixing and matching outfits and accessories to turn 5 pieces into 30, hopefully without the viewers noticing too much. Since being pregnant, my skills have had to quadruple. It is a good lesson in efficiency I can tell you that much.  Regardless, if you're pregnant, at a certain point it doesn't matter what you wear, you are always uncomfortable.  At least that has been the experience for me.  Everything rides up.  I'm constantly tugging, pulling, fixing and re-fixing.  The only time I am comfortable is when I can rip it all off in the privacy of my own home.  I advise you to try it, just remember to put something on when the pizza delivery man shows up.

At now 34 weeks, I know my days of being uncomfortable are winding down which I am happy about, but I also know that I am going to miss carrying this little bugger around with me everywhere.  Comfortable or not, carrying a child is an amazing experience and who knows, maybe I will be back into my cute maternity clothes once again sooner than I thought — just hopefully not too soon after this Baby Grady is born!

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