Johnstown police officer charged with rape

JOHNSTOWN, N.Y. – A police officer in Johnstown has been charged with third-degree rape for allegedly having sexual relations with a 16-year-old female.

Charges against city police officer 31-year-old Adam Schwabrow were announced Friday during a press conference held at City Hall by the Johnstown Police Department.

Police say the alleged rape was not forcible; however the female involved was not old enough to give consent. Details of the crime or how long he and the
alleged victim knew eachother are not being released.

Schwabrow, a nine year veteran and K-9 officer for the department, was arrested at the police department Friday morning. He posted bail and is due back in court next week. The District Attorney is asking for a special prosecutor to handle the case because of Schwabrow's position.

Schwabrow has been suspended from the department with pay pending an internal investigation.

“It is embarrassing to say the least but police
officers are not above the law.  We treat
all cases the same whether thy are civilian or law inforcement,” said Johnstown Police Chief Mark Gifford.

The married father also acts as the Montgomery County Emergency Management Director. The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors John Thayer says Schwabrow has been immediately placed on administrative leave with pay from that position as well, pending more information and future developments. Interim Deputy Director Rick Sager has been placed in charge of the Emergency Management Office until further notice.

“Because of his involvement of a number of ongoing
cases here, we will be seeking a judge that does not have a close relationship
to those cases and him,” said Fulton County District Attorney Louise Silva.

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