People as young as 4 come out to March Against Violence in Troy

N.Y. – One Pastor is trying to bring awareness in his community as he says
it's all too common nowadays with people turning to gun violence.  NEWS10
ABC's Jennifer Lee was there as he and others marched against
violence on Saturday in North Central Troy.

young and old were marching the streets of North Central Troy to send out an
important message.

time that we stopped the non-sense in our community and preserve the lives of
these children.”

Willie Bacote of the Missing Link AME Zion Church along with a handful of
youngsters, teenagers and adults are standing up against violence.

Nijear Howard said he was marching Saturday because he fears going outside to

8 o'clock it gets dark and the street lights come on and that's when all the
people come out.”

7th grader says he's talking about the bad people with guns.

and other children walked up 6th Avenue Saturday morning letting their voices
be hear, the youngest one is four years old.

group stopped by areas where violence has occurred throughout the city.

Willie says he has coordinated these marches for over seven years now and even
held gun buyback programs trying to make the community a little safer.

Willie hopes today's event will get more people to join in the march against


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