Flooding forces evacuation of Nassau senior housing complex

NASSAU, N.Y. – Parts of Nassau were hit hard by flash floods Thursday, forcing firefighters to help evacuate Nassau Senior Housing Complex after it flooded.

The Nassau Fire Department said for 45 minutes the rain came down so fast the ground could not absorb it all, and that the Kinderhook Creek began to overflow pouring into the roadways and building up near the Nassau Senior Housing Complex.

The building quickly began to flood with waters began creeping up to the front door of some senior homes. That's when fire crews decided to evacuate, using trucks to drive through the water to pick up seniors, loading them into ambulances and then driving them to shelter.

The seniors have been moved to an ambulance garage where a temporary shelter has been set up. They will be able to stay at that location until the water goes down or family comes to get them.  

State, Town and
Village highway crews are currently operating throughout the area to clear
debris and open roads. Residents are strongly encouraged to remain off
all Town roads for the evening and to use caution in the morning as waters recede
and a full damage assessment may be made.

The Town Supervisor, David Fleming, Jr. asks residents to give emergency services partners and highway crews the time they
need to assess this ongoing situation and exercise caution near high water and
any downed electrical wires.

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