Senator Schumer pushes for tax breaks for small NY breweries

CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. – A federal
push plans to do to help build up homegrown breweries across New York.

Under legislation
supported by Senator Chuck Schumer, excise tax on small breweries would be cut
in half, bringing tax on one barrel from $7 down to $3.50.

Shmaltz Brewery in
Clifton Park is a $4 million business that just opened its doors, and they say
any little tax break could help.

“Its money we could use to grow the business and bring more people in to
experience the business,” said Shmaltz Brew master, Paul McErlean. “That
savings per barrel would amount to $60,000 for us and we could hire another
person or lab tech.”

Or, he says, they could hire two new people in the tasting room.

“We are a $4 million brewery here, but it is still a small business. We
employ 15 people and it would be great to employ 17 or 18 people.”

In New York State alone, it is estimated that the beer industry directly
supports approximately 8,000 jobs.

“With smaller breweries and craft businesses, it is good to give them
options and different employees where everyone has different taste buds and
flavors,” said Chris Anderson, who recently moved from Long Island to work
for Shmaltz.

Under this legislation, any brewery that brews fewer than 6 million barrels of
beer per year would be eligible.

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