Saratoga Springs PD release video of intoxicated man vandalizing city hall

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY — Surveillance video that police say caught Matthew
Zecchini red handed as he slamed a brick through a glass door and crawled
underneath the bar to get inside of the Saratoga Springs City Hall has
been released.

“I guess it doesn't matter where you are, if you are that drunk,
whether you are at the police department or somewhere else,” said Saratoga
Springs Police Chief Greg Veitch.

The incident that happened back in March shows Zecchini in the act of
throwing large orange cones into the hallway around 4 a.m. Then, once he makes
it inside, he stumbles through a flight of stairs with a fire extinguisher in

“Really don't care that the police are right there because you are so
drunk you're going to break into a building and cause damage like that,”
the Chief Veitch added.

In total police say he caused nearly $5,000 dollars in damages to the
building. With the fire extinguisher in hand, Zechinni sprays it into the

“It helps with the investigation and helps prove what happened to take
the guess work out,” Veitch added.

The video shows he eventually made it downstairs only to be met by a police
officer. Police say Zechinni was arrested that same night.

He was charged with criminal mischief and criminal tampering among other
charges. He did plead guilty back in June and paid restitution to the city.

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