Tips for keeping your plants safe during freeze or frost conditions

Freeze Warnings and
Frost Advisories
are in effect for parts of the area Thursday night into Friday morning. Here are
some tips from the NEWS10 ABC Stormtracker Weather Office to remember, so you can protect the vegetables in your garden as well
as your annuals and perennials from the very cold temperatures:

• The coldest spots in your yard are large areas of open ground that are
exposed to the sky, and low spots like hollows where cold air will sink.
• The warmest spots in your yard are on the south side of your home or
• Overhangs, lath structures and evergreen branches do provide some cover from
• If plants are in rolling containers, move them indoors.
• If your plants are permanent, or too large to be moved – cover them with a
cardboard box, sheets, or burlap. Make sure the material allows for air-flow
and doesn't reast on the leaves – that'll burn the foliage. To keep materials
off the plant's foliate, drive stakes in around the plant to create a temporary
shelter that the material can be draped over. Remember to remove the covers
during the day.
• Don't use plastic covers as they can smother a plant.
• A row cover – an extremely lightweight row cover fabric that can be placed

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