Photo released of man suspected of beheading an Uncle Sam statue

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TROY, N.Y. – Troy Police are looking to the public for help identifying a man they believe damaged one of the city's Uncle Sam statues.

“The trail has certainly gotten hotter for our detectives,” says Capt. John Cooney.

Pfeil Hardware, owned by Jeff Pfeil, sits just across the street from the Birds of Oak Wood Cemetery statue.  Capt. Cooney says that when the statue was beheaded, Pfiels camera caught it all.

Authorities say the suspect in the photo is confirmed to have vandalized the statue, placed in the area of Broadway and Third Street, on Friday, August 23rd around midnight then walked away with Sam's head.

If caught, the man will face felony misdemeanor charges. These statues are valued at $1,600 each, with an even greater sentimental value.

Anyone with information of the pictured suspect is encouraged to contact Troy Detectives at 270-4684. 

A woman pleaded not guilty on Wednesday for criminal possession of stolen property in connection to the Uncle Sam Rainbow Statue in Troy. Sabrina Anderson, 23, is accused of taking the head of the statue, but not destroying it.

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