Starved pit-bull weighing 25 pounds found in Hudson

HUDSON, N.Y. – Hudson Police say they found a starved dog tied to a fence early Friday

Authorities say the pit-bull mix was found tied to a fence in a remote area
behind the Hudson train station by police at about 12:30 a.m. They say it took
a while to bring him in because he was aggressive, likely the result of being
scared and weak.  

He was immediately taken to the Columbia Greene Humane Society where they
found he weighed 25 pounds, although he should weigh about 90 pounds.  The
dog has been treated and a vet says he should make a full recovery. 

Now the focus turns to tracking down the owner responsible and Wes Powell,
the animal control officer for Hudson had a message for them.

“If there's a known owner, come forward and face it now because there
will be charges and I hope someone will tip us off. Call the Hudson police
department with any tips, any ideas, any thoughts. Somebody has got to see this
dog in this condition a month ago. It did not happen overnight getting into
this condition,” he said.

The dog's front legs are just bones, his rib cage
protruding out.

“This is disgusting. It's embarrassing to say the owner
had a dog like this,” said Powell. “He's just a skeleton with skin on it.
That's all we have left right now. But he's still able to walk, barely, and the
vet has checked him over and we're going to do all we can to get him totally
medically cleared.”

As that treatment continues, police are focusing on
tracking down the owner responsible. They are urging anyone with information to
contact them.



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