Great Escape will not take over Hoffman’s Playland

NEWTOWNVILLE, N.Y. – Despite efforts by Albany County officials, Great
Escape will not be taking over Hoffman's Playland.

Earlier this week David Hoffman, the owner of Hoffman's Playland, met with Albany
leaders and Great Escape officials to talk about the possibility of the Lake
George amusement park taking over the Latham playland. 

In June, rumors circulated that the family run park would be closing down
when the owner's plan to retire.  The community took to Facebook in hopes
of saving the family-friendly summer staple with an online movement .

The Great Escape announced on Thursday that they will not purchase the

“We recognize the historical significance of Hoffman's Playland to
families in the Capital Region; however, we are not pursuing the purchase
and/or operation of this property,” they said in a statement.

Now the Hoffmans are still looking for the right
buyers to potentially take over their business.

“It's a very unique business and it's very dear to the community. We realize to
develop the future of this park is going to take some time,” said owner David

He says he and his wife will continue to stay open for business for now, but
the future of Hoffman's Playland is up in the air.

“We just don't want to turn the lights out here and walk away,” he said.

The Hoffman's ideally would
like for a buyer to take over the business and keep running the landmark as is,
which is why they say they want  to put some thought into it before
selling their property to just anyone.

“It's a wonderful business. The community thinks highly of us,” he said.

As Hoffman's fate still lingers on, visitors say it would be devastating to see
such a landmark to be no more.

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