Cuomo delivers checks to Mohawk Valley flooding victims

HERKIMER, N.Y. – Governor Cuomo delivered checks to some flood victims in the Mohawk Valley, Central New York and Niagara County.

On Thursday, Cuomo issued $13.6 million in state aid checks to 1,206 homeowners, businesses, farmers, and renters.  Those who received checks in the area were victims of flooding in July who has serious damage to their homes or businesses.

In Herkimer County, 558 checks were delivered.  Oneida County received 145, Montgomery County received 104, Madison County received 86 and Niagara County received 313 checks.

Gov. Cuomo handed Kern Bridgewater, a flood victim, a
$30,000 check Thursday.

It comes just as he was trying to figure out where to
move his family to this winter since their heating system was destroyed by

“All of a sudden the phone rings and it's the governor's
office inviting me to this press conference. I just about fell off my seat,” he

Bridgewater, a contractor, has been putting as much money
as he can into supplies, and his family has been living on the second floor of
their home while he works on the first.

Volunteers have assisted him, and he in turn has helped
his neighbors. For a man who's been struggling to rebuild, this check means
much more than just money.

“It means we can rebuild. It's also renewed my faith in
government because I didn't think this would ever happen. Not this fast,” he

Cuomo announced the Mohawk Valley and 2013 Upstate Flood Recovery program shortly after FEMA denied recovery funding to homeowners.  The Governor stated “In times of crisis, government should work for the people, and today I am proud to say we have.”

Some applications are being processed and more checks are expected to be issued in the coming days.

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