Country club fully open for business 2 years after Irene damage

WINDHAM, N.Y. — Two years ago, Tropical Storm Irene affected many
communities and area businesses, including the Windham Country Club.

But now the club is celebrating the end of summer as they are completely
open for business this weekend.

Nearly 15 feet of flood waters completely submerged a section of the golf
course during Irene, damaging four holes and a bridge. The Director of Club
Operations, Christopher Cook, says this severely affected business for quite
some time since they were forced to shorten the course. But, under new
management, officials have finally reconstructed and restored the golf course.

“It was very important to us to bring it back to what it was before. It
is really a good golf course and it has a great reputation but kind of lost
that along the way because of the hurricane but it will be back to the way it
was, actually even better,” said Cook.

The repairs required over 615,000 square feet of sod and 300 tons of sand to
be trucked in. Owners of the club say they spent over $1 million to get the
course back to normal, and golfers like Jack Yolinksky say they cannot wait for the full
golf course to open back up.

was devastated. I come up here and try to play four or five times a week,” he

The new golf course will be open for play on Saturday, August 31st
— tee time is at 7 a.m.

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